Tooth Of The Day



Sleepless sleepless2

The Cast:

Mac Giggles



  1. Whoa!! So that’s what’s been going on!! It clears up a mystery for me: I always wondered why sometimes all my teeth ache when I wake up– like someone’s been drilling them all night!!

    Other times I wake up soaked and smelling funny– like someone’s been using me for a toilet brush!! Yes, it’s all beginning to make a terrible kind of sense… : (

    P.S. That third panel is a stunner– wonderful composition! Clearly the work of a cartooning genius with very demented dreams!! : P

    • it’s because you are my mentor 🙂

      I just hope I could keep this up everyday… hehehe

      But you’re comments help me a lot to make the quotes funny in my strip.

      You see, I googled some of those quotes I post with my strip here. But it’s hard to make the quotes funny in the scene sometimes and your comments really help me a lot!
      Merci beaucoup my dear genius friend… xoxo

  2. Funny 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Oyia Brown and commented:
    I Think you’re stuffed, Mac Giggles! Sorry.

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