Thanks To My art Game Players- Complete Me To I Am What I Am…

 Two of our Art Game Players, Deu and Chlly, will not be playing with us for 2 weeks.  They are now in Japan for the All Japan Junior Karate Tournament, April 28-29, 2013.

My son Deu is one of the guest’ challengers….   I will keep you posted with this news on a later date.  I hope my son will win!  Let’s all wish him luck…  Merci!

Art Game – Complete Me

APRIL 17, 2013

In this week Art Game, Chlly suggested us to draw something.  How about this kind of challenge?
We can use our Paint Tool in this art game.
Image contributed and created


Complete me


  • A Girl



Complete me



  •  Meme


  • Bug





  • Cloudy And Small People

  • Donut HalO

  •  Plane



donut-halo plane


  • I Am What I Am…

Drawing by


Photoshop by


I am what I am





The View


Come on guys…  Join us in our fun!

*By adding the Art Game Logo below to your blog space, you could easily check the updates of our image. (Instructions on how to do this is written below).

Copy this magic link to your TEXT WIDGET : <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a>
Note: If you need more info click Art Game Week 1  and  Art Game Week 10 for a brief demo…OK. Are you with me?
I would highly appreciate if you all are. I love you guys! I thank God that I met you all here in this blogosphere.

Enjoy and keep on blogging :)

Let’s go and have fun! Good Luck!

Art game continues…. to Tuesday 12pm (GMT) and then a new image will be post on Wednesday and so on.

This is fun… Come and join us!

  • Thanks to all my Art Game Players. For AG-W57-The Beach. You can check it out here


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