Music Passion


This month, the theme is Summer. Since it’s that season in the Northern hemisphere. Brought to you, as always, by Dolly, and the theme chosen by Cognitive reflection.

Disregarding the fact that here, in the Southern hemisphere, we are freezing. Today, here in my neck of the woods, the wind blustered hither and tither, leaves all over the place. Even the poor fish seems to be hiding from it!!

Maybe a Summer song will bring some much needed warmth into our season – not sunshine – that we have in abundance no matter what the season, it’s just a tad watery. No real warmth. Just a semblance of it’s usual glory.

This then, my choice for a summer song…

Brings to mind, soft, slow summer evenings, maybe with a tinge of rain on the air, making it humid, breathing a little deeper, smelling growth on the waves of…

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