Arts And Haiku

Beauty in the night
Skeleton Knight Lover
Scary Hallow

Tifannie King 

My love for living
En-captured within the grave
Help me, I’m in here…!

I love your blood, your taste I bite
candles keep you warm as your flesh I chew
while witches wait for your heart…

Little lights flicker

death and destruction right there

Light shines in darkness

ghost witches and ghouls
creepy demons in the night
draining blood from life.

sarahpotterwrites says:

Beware, the restless dead!
Drawing life from Spring and Summer,
Halloween bites hard.

There’s gore galore at
The Lemons R Us Café
A typical day : P

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  1. I thought Mark Armstrong’s was particularly good. He’s a genius! : P

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