Baby One More Time – Music Passion


This is the song I usually love to sing whenever I was asked to sing in any family gatherings and or parties… 🙂 hehehehe I don’t only sing with this song I dance too!
I hope you enjoy my pick for my May Music Passion- BABY


Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time


Yours Truly







is the theme for April Music Passion by one of our Music Lovers and the host for this month May 2014: 


“No restrictions on genres or decades – if it has “Baby” in the Title, it’s good to go.”


Baby Snakes



Let’s go and get our “Baby”song! :)

Come on you guys! Share with us your May Music Passion  🙂



  • Thanks to all Music lovers for their entries in our April- NIGHT – Music Passion-
  •  Click here to check them out :)






  1. Oooh, Baby, baby, by Smokey Robinson….. It was my mother’s lulluby song to make us sleep.

  2. So Dolly, are you going to post a video of YOU singing and dancing to this song? I’m sure that would get the most likes of all time! ; )

    • 😆 I would ask my dad if he still had the video he took with his mobile phone while I was singing and dancing with this song… hehhehe I might post it one day. Well I hope he kept it… 🙂

  3. Rats! We don’t want stupid ol’ Britney Spears–!! I was hoping for a video of Toothsome doing the boogie-woogie dance as she sang, “Ooh, Baby, Baby!!” to a double-chocolate donut… : )

    Oh, well– thanks for using my baby picture, anyway… : )

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