Sensuous Dance





Have a break.
Grab your favorite tea or coffee and drink with me.

 While we Rumba Dance!



I want more donut please?

Enjoy your weekend!

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I love you guys!



Youthful dance, I yearn!

On hip-hop, leap, twist, swirl, dip…

What promise it hold?



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  1. Very nice! I’ve always thought a good sultry Tango rates well in the universe of sensuous dance.

    Hope all is well in your world Dolly.

    • hmmmm Tango, another sensuous dance… I love tango dancing, I miss it!
      Thanks Phil for sharing this video and yes everything is well in my world so far so good money is coming… hehehehe Merci!
      Hope all is well with your world too! mmmwahhhh

  2. Milady Toothsome….. Now you’ve done it… my blood pressure is through the roof, just imagining myself dancing as they do… though it sure looks like fun…

    I used to consider myself a pretty good dancer in my youth, but, if you can do ANY of those moves these days, I’m afraid you’d break me in two on the dance floor… But, I’d trade all my youthful vigor for one dance with you, my dear…. Especially a tango…. They say that if a man and woman dance the tango correctly, they must marry each other afterward, having already achieved perfect partnership, and been as close as making love…. Worth a try, I’d say, even if I COULDN’T stand up straight for a while afterward….

    Just a joke… Only in my dreams could I survive a tango, or rumba, or almost anything faster than a slow waltz…. but dreams are good, too..


    Nice post, got my juices flowing for a few minutes… I’m glad I picked today to try to catch up, after a week spent hovering near a bed, so gravity wouldn’t get me…. Any who, see you milady…. And, thanks for the new addition to my screen saver…. 🙂

    See ya luv…. take care, & Blessed Be….

    Ned, gigoid, the dubious


    • hahahaha, you just made me smile 🙂 I’m sure you were good in dancing! Thanks my dear for sharing your thoughts and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post! mmmmwahhhhh

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