Baby Doll

Another Baby Music Passion… Enjoy! Thanks Leiulf 🙂 xoxo

About Sound and Vision

Bowie, David - Baby Doll - Wizardo WRMB 363 (US-boot)As contribution to the May edition of All About Lemons Music Passion has been a little on the thin side this month, I’d like to close it out with a Double shot of awesome guitar playing. We’re talking Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff beck on stage together in 1984 jamming out on Don’t Fall For Me Baby.

The second shot in this post is the first part of the missing footage from ‘Ziggy The Motion Picture’. Jeff Beck joins Bowie and The Spiders onstage for two songs, the first of which is The Jean Genie (the second being Chuck Berry’s Round And Round. Davids studio version was released as a single B-Side and available on the bootleg Baby Doll). David let slip that he invited Jeff, knowing that he would turn up on stage out of kilter with the Glam Rock freshness of the Ziggy tour de force, reinforcing the…

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  1. Not bad– but you should hear Mac Giggles play the electric donut! : )

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