As The World Falls Down

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Originally titled “It’s Only Forever”

As All About Lemons Music Passion wraps up this month (Based on the word “Falling”) I have to submit “As The World Falls Down” from my favorite movie for “Labyrinth”.

Shot in the late 80’s, this is still my favorite movie of all time! I need to tip my hat to Brian Froud and his wonderful concept art. Recently,a new exhibition opened in New York showcasing the work of Brian, Wendy and Toby Froud, plus some “lost” Labyrinth concept art. ion9

  • Door KnockersRobot Door in Goblin CityHoggle & Robot


  • AmbrosiusBird Hat ManLudoFirey IBowie Puppet DisguiseConcept-Art-labyrinth-4
  • Firey IIBallroom Costume Design IIIBallroom Costume Design VII


  • Ballroom Costume Design IVBallroom Costume Design VBallroom Costume Design VIBallroom Costume Design VIII

Goblin KingGoblin IGoblin IIGoblin IIIConcept-Art-labyrinth-5

  • Goblin IVGoblin VGoblin VI


  • Goblin VIIJunk LadyGoblin Design SketchGoblin Design Sketch
  • Goblin Design SketchGoblin Design SketchLabyrinth Concept ArtLabyrinth Concept Art
  • Doorway Worm

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