Arrow Shooting

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I know you all miss our regulars… the Music Passion, For The Love Of Haiku and most especially our ART GAME…

And we will all have them back as soon as the month of September enters.

We just got back from West France to Paris last  night… and tomorrow we are bound to travel again to Bruxelles for a wedding.  And then Saturday to Center France.

Je suis désolé for the Art Game…  We’ll play soon promise.  I miss it too 🙂

For now I like to share with you  some photos taken in West France.  I enjoyed my stay so much in West France. And this was one of the activities or adventures I just did there… More to share on a later date 🙂

The Arrow Shooting

First, I practiced shooting arrow using the light bow…

And then my great teacher Big Tyty (the best friend and brother of…

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  1. My suggestion is to take your bow and arrows with you to that wedding you’re going to, then use the wedding cake for target practice at the reception. It would help make the day one which the bride and groom will never forget. Just an idea… : )

  2. This post takes me back to childhood, when my sister and I used to make bows and arrows out of sticks, then go jump on our ponies and play cowboys and Indians. it looks like a bow might have some serious pull. My arrow would probably go about five feet and hit the ground. LOL.

    • Wow! You have a wonderful childhood memories… full of adventures too 🙂
      And yes, I practiced first with a light bow and then the hard one with really some serious pull and I just did it. I hit the target with 100 points. I had fun!

      • That bow does look like it takes an arm to use. Better you than me. I’d probably hurt myself trying. LOL. That’s the price of getting older and wiser. 🙂

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