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I miss you all guys! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. What?? You’re now a blonde?? And more beautiful than ever!!– which is exactly what I said when I looked in the mirror this morning… : )

    Oh, to be at the charming Lemons R Us Café, drinking coffee and eating donuts with Dear Toothsome!! It’s the closest thing to Heaven On Earth! No, wait– it would be even closer to Heaven if Toothsome reached for the check and said, “No, Mac Giggles, I insist– my treat!! : )

    Lovely to see you, Dear Toothsome, and I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last visit. Hope you are well!! : )

    • Hahaha yes I am now a blonde, I have too much gray hair to hide already, that’s why 😃😆😄😂😂
      Me too, I miss the old good days where I am always in my blog and roaming around to all of my blogger friends, so I just thought to stop by to my blog and pour me a cup or 2 coffees ☕️☕️and a donut 🍩to spend a while here.😃
      I am doing well thanks so much for your visit and I hope you are well too. See you also at Linkedin😘

  2. Looking lovely as usual, Dolly… 🙂

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