AG-W2 Water Falls

Here is our image for this week: Art Game Week 2: “Water Falls”

Enjoy and keep on blogging :)

Let’s go and have fun!

Good luck 🙂


Player #1 Chlly

Player #2 Many Hours

Player #3 Your Word Is Here

Player #1 Chlly

Player #4 Spoiled Brat

Player #5 Guiguoz

Player #6 Raffleberry

Player #7 Tahlliy

Player #8 Bag Head Kelly

Player #5 Guiguoz




  1. First of all, thanks for liking my post, Timing, and second this is a very nice art blog. I am kind of new to blogging and have been looking around and I have never saw an interesting art blog until this one. Very cool!

  2. This is so beautiful. I love watching this art progress~

  3. These are all lovely. This is a great idea. Being a bit of a neophyte at blogging I’m not sure how it’s done – would I download the picture then work on it?

    • Hello, how are you? It would be nice if you could join us. Yes you can download or copy the latest update of the picture and then work on it. After that you can post it on your blog linking this page Art Game.
      I wait for it, since it’s Tuesday now and on Wednesday we will have another image to play on. Okay? Have fun!

  4. Love what you did with the pictures. Somehow when I was on your wall I could see different words that I thought went with this pictures… Just wanted to say, I loved that words too… totally, totally… thanks, Earthen

  5. Sorry I don’t have time to play. I’ll just watch:)

  6. Check mine out! Not sure if I did the link right… did you get any notification saying I posted a link to your blog?

    • Oh dear it was only now that I received your link. Player #1 and 2 aleady posted theirs so you are now player #3, hehehhe. It’s all right, you can check on the image posted by player #2 and then add your image which is very interesting and edit your image and post. Thank you very much for joining us 🙂

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