All Hallows’ Eve Art Game Treat- Haunted Hotel Lobby

Haunted Hotel Lobby

The Hollywood Tower Hotel Lobby- Disneyland Paris, August 2012


A Ghoul Is Inside The Art Game’s Haunted Hotel… Watch Out!


Thoughts Of My Brain



A Corpse Bride Waits For Her Groom


Spoiled Brat


The Blue Ghost



Phantoms roam… haunted Hotel!
Misty blue she swirls…

Tiffanie King

A happy looking purple spider to trick you… 🙂


Jeff Whelan


The Fearless Bellboy



He roams room to room
He tends, waits, and always nice…
Unaware he’s doom!

Tiffanie King

OMG! This Is Nightmare!



” Listen”, says the Fearless Bellboy.
“I miss all those things you do that annoy the hell out of me!
And so my nightmare goes… “


Van Helsing!



Yiheyyy!  A Notorious Monster Hunter Just Came In The Scene…

‘Van Helsing alike
Victorious! Killed all monsters…
He, The Dark Hero.

Tiffanie King

The Ghost-busters Busted The Deadly Creatures



Yihey ! They are here to capture these deadly creatures in the Art Game’s Haunted Hotel.
Awesome 🙂


4 guys busting ghosts

Ray, Egon, Peter, Winston

Who ya gonna call?



How Trees Reproduce

Oyia Brown

Finally, we know how the trees reproduce …


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Please Help Find Nichole



The Smoking Squirrel

Haven’t done this in so long!  I’ve missed the Art Game!

Betty Boop has a pet!


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Today I bring you Amary Av Spring Collection.


A very beautiful and sweet floral dress.  Sexy looking and yummy too 🙂

Below are the fabrics.  I got it from photoshop fabric design:


And here I am in my garden , enjoying the beauty of Spring…


Pink gem in the yard

Inspiring…  glowing… blooming…

curving up…  then down

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Please Help Find Nichole

M.S. Fowle

UPDATE: Last night, May 20th, the body of Nichole Kristine Cable was found just miles from her home. Continue to keep Nichole and her family in your hearts, pray even if you’ve never prayed before. The perpetrator is still out there somewhere. As more information becomes available, I will update you all accordingly.

Thank you so much for your support.

Rest in Peace, Nichole. xoxo

*Latest article from Bangor Daily News ->

* * *

UPDATE: An arrest has been made:

* * *

In Loving Memory of Nichole Kristine Cable

* * *

This past Sunday night, a local teenage girl went missing and no one has seen or heard from her since.

MISSING: Nichole Kristine Cable

15-year-old Nichole Kristine Cable of Glenburn, Maine was last heard from Sunday night at around 9:20pm. Her parents have reported that she had received messages on Facebook from an unknown male and had plans to meet up with him. From what…

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For The Love Of Haiku

Sarah Potter Writes

Worn out with toil,
old farmer dreams of angels.
His final harvest.

Find out how you can join in with this week’s haiku fun at

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For The Love Of Haiku

Sarah Potter Writes

Peter Pan’s garden.
He’s stopped flying off with children,
growing his own instead.


This is my haiku interpretation of the delightful rose image above. To learn how you can join in with the haiku fun, please visit

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Music Passion @ allaboutlemon

A very beautiful song Carol and so austanding Music Passion Post for all Music Lovers to enjoy!
Merci beaucoup! mmmwahh and xoxo

ABC of Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page

Charlotte Church & Josh Groban sing

Dolly handed the reins to Leiulf for the month of April


Leiulf said, “Day – The word ‘day’ must be in the song.”


Josh Groban is my ‘birthday present’.

Not ‘literally’; no..  I haven’t anywhere to put him.. hahah  🙂

Yes, my gorgeous partner gave me tickets to his concert.

We’ll be there on Saturday night soaking up his wonderful talent…

I’m so excited; I feel like a kid going to my first concert.


For all the info needed to join in this month’s

Music Passion…! 

Go to


Other great April Entries:

Enjoy…!!!   😀

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For The Love Of Haiku

I Shoot I Zoom Some Sassy Shots

Pink gem in the yard

Inspiring…  glowing… blooming…

curving up…  then down

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Music Passion

Let’s all welcome our newest music lover, Steve… check out his world and let’s hear his Music Passion “Day” for us 🙂 Enjoy!
Thanks so much Steve for joining us in our music fun! You’re so welcome! xoxo

Music Passion

A beatuiful “Day” tune by Ghia 🙂

Thanks for your Music Passion, Ghia! mmmwahhh


This month the word is Day.

Hosted by Allaboutlemon, every month she picks a word and we choose a song to fit the word.

Here’s my choice for this month…

The Maestro hard at work making memories come to life, and existing on earth just a little smoother. Hope you enjoy 😉

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Music Passion….Day

A delightful Day Music Passion from Jaz!

Thanks Jaz 🙂 xoxo


I Love This Song….My Addition to Dolly’s Music Passion Game and of course you have to love the Muppets! 🙂

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Music Passion

A lovely song from Sarah 🙂
and here is the English translation:
It is a day like any other
and yet you go,
you go to another
without saying a word
and I do not understand, do not understand

It is a day like any other
but we are already
away from each other
both of us, there is only me
but why? but why?

You you were for me
everything I hoped
you you were my life and a little more
you were the love

It is a day like any other
and yet you go,
you go to another
without saying a word
and I do not understand, do not understand

It is a day like any other
but I have a lot of you
I laughed that other,
today, it is you two who have
laugh at me, laugh at me

You take you forever
everything I hoped
For thou take life
and a little more
you take me the love!

It is a day like any other
and yet you go…

Enjoy! Thanks Sarah! xoxo

Sarah Potter Writes

“Un jour comme un autre” (A Day like Another) – sung by Brigitte Bardot” is my contribution to April’s music passion, which calls for songs with the word “day” in the title.

Visit to join in with the fun.

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allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

The three li’l fairies

-glimmering eyes, tossing hair…

Sweet Flowers of  Spring

Tifannie King 


Click to see the making of our haiku image for this week :)

Mountains and flowers
Teletubbies steal your soul
Sponge Bob looks and laughs

Teletubbies dance
bountiful blossoming fields
Mesmerized Square Pants

Smiling faces beam
Tramping thru delphiniums
Looking for donuts

Winter melts away

Fairies and bees pollinate

and birds procreate

Love birds hit it off
While snow melts and rainbows walk
Hey you wait for me!

  • grosenberg says:

In Spring’s beginning
Imagination combines
Mythic beauty soars.



Hark, you square-eyed kids!
Teletubbies sent packing.
Spring means outdoor play.


I call on all Haiku lovers out there to join us

and share with us your haiku ingenuity .

Let’s go guys and have fun :)

***To those who…

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