For The Love Of Haiku 17

JANUARY 5, 2013 

Underwater world
Everything is refreshing
A colorful place!

Tifannie King 

Click to see the making of our haiku image for this week :)

Lisa Summerlin says:

Wet and untamed fun

Frolicsome cheer on dry land

Friends come together

Brook says:

True friends have our backs
Wonderful scary bear hugs
Solid rock beneath

grosenberg says:

Undersea Voyage
Diverse pilgrims journey here
New friendships emerge.

nightlake says:

Sea world meets

Toy cuddlers and cartoons

Fantasy of the human mind

sarahpotterwrites says:

In the split second
when everyone turns their backs,
a mermaid appears.

yerpirate says:

behind each mermaid is a shark
behind each beauty is a shrek
behind a pussy in high boots?

adollyciousirony says: My version in 5-7-5 Haiku 🙂

At mermaid’s back… ‘Shark!

While behind each belle, a Shrek!

Rear end… Puss in boots? 🙂

or a teaser:

Rear end…  A pussy? ( lol)
It’s  hello Master Kitty!
Puss, The Booted Cat.


kz says:

Girls can run the world!

No need for heroes… except

Just to scratch her… Puss?

(or ear. whatever.) ^^


muZer says:

Far away, down under
Girls simply want to have fun
Guys take a back seat

Got water, need soap
I’ll have to sing a few bars
I sure need a bath : P


seek to improve


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