Shape Of My Heart


Shape Of My Heart is the Music Passion entry of Jaycee68 for February Edition: HEART

It was also the THEME SONG from the Movie: Leon The Professional


Jaycee mentioned in her post that she “Love the movie and Adore Jean Reno”  🙂

Well I got so curious about it because Natalie Portman, my favorite actress was the leading lady of the said film.

I looked for it in the internet and downloaded it.  I watched it and Jaycee was right, it was really a brilliant film.  I enjoyed watching it.

And so I am excited to watch this film with you guys in our  Cafe Siesta .  And for you to have a copy of the said movie,  I will give the link so that you can download it too.

But first you must have U-TORRENT (bi-Torrent) in your computer:

U Torrent

Click to download

  • And then open ISO-HUNT  on your browser, and search for Leon The Professsional
… or just simply click this :
  • Next click DOWNLOAD– SAVE
  • Then open it, click OK and right away it will go directly to U-TORRENT (bi-torrent)and the movie will be downloaded. The downloading time will depend on how strong/fast is your net and it will finish like few hours or a day or two or more…

It will look like this: u-torrent

Here is the Movie Trailer:

  • And when everything is ready always have your favorite cup of coffee with you 🙂  Enjoy

Happy Weekend Everyone!



People Are Awesome!

  • Here is a video where you’d catch yourself in an awe-inspiring mood as if like you’re over the moon effect 🙂

Have fun viewing and enjoy!

  • Levitate by hadouken



  • But before anything esle…  grab a cup of coffee with you!


Happy Weekend Everyone!


Mr Bean – Getting up late for the dentist…

I enjoyed watching this so much that I want to watch it again with you guys today for our regular Cafe Siesta 🙂




But before you do that, always have your favorite cup of coffee with you 🙂

Happy Weekend Everyone!


45 Lessons In Life…

Unforgettable words of wisdom against a backdrop of captivating pictures

and fabulous music.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy.



But before you do that, always have your favorite cup of coffee with you 🙂

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Note:  I am sorry about the link… above.  I downloaded the PPS for today’s cafe siesta for several attempts, and it wasn’t working… Thanks Carol for getting my attention about this 🙂 hahaha I wasn’t aware of it.  My apologies.

There was a similar post about this which I posted last December 2011.  We should revisit instead 🙂 Enjoy!


The 7%



The majestic beauty of a swan serenely floating on the waves can turn any natural setting into a lovely symphony…

And this is a very good film to watch 🙂 Believe me, I was completely moved while watching  this movie.  I was so touched I even cried in the end… I have felt it. Actress Natalie Portman  portrayed her role as Nina Sayers, The Black Swan so perfect, as she said it in the ending… “It was perfect!” She really deserved to have won both the 2011  Golden Globe Award and the Academy Award  for Best Actress. Watch it and 100% you’d agree with me too… 🙂

The Black Swan

and would you like to make an origami swan? Here is a very simple demo how to make one.  But I didn’t quite get it.  The instructress is somewhat very swan herself 🙂

Or better we should just all listen to this beautiful Black Swan sountrack ” A Swan Song” by Clint Mansel

But before you do that, always have your favorite cup of coffee with you 🙂

Happy Weekend Everyone!


#15 All Time Favorite Post- Enjoy The Beauty Of Birds


…but in the last photo, this bird enjoyed my beauty as well 🙂

Manila Zoo, Philippines

#22 All Time Favorite Post- Dancing Birds


You’ll gonna love this… 🙂 

A Must To See… Enjoy!

This is a fascinating tropical bird mating ritual that will capture your interest.

Music Passion- July

Let’s hear Lieulf another entry for Music Passion- July 🙂 enjoy!

Click Music Passion to join us with this fun!

About Sound and Vision

I have already entered the June Music Passion competition, and I stand by Larks Tongue in Aspic. However, since this blog includes occasional throwbacks to my early days, I would be re-miss if I did not point you in the direction of my theme song when I was single and thumbing around the country in 1976. Free bird was my anthem then. No list of bird songs is complete without it.

Now that I find myself single once again, I have brought it back… at least until the love of my life appears. When and IF that occurs, I will gladly abandon it once again. For the present, I have re-adopted it… It kicks some SERIOUS butt at the end. enjoy!


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Music Passion Birds

Meet our new Lover of Music Passion, Maryanne and let’s all hear her captivating “Songbird” 🙂

Click Music Passion for more details about this fun and share with us your “Birds” Music Passion too 🙂

Maryanne's Jukebox

I always loved this song, written by Fleetwood Mac songstress, Christine McVie.

It makes me think of the morning doves that coo in the morning

And my cat, Derick, who imitates their coo

The gentle baby birds that are newborn in spring

The way birds gather together and fly to settle in for the night

And I wait to hear their song again

The next morning

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Music Passion- Birds

Let’s hear some blues…a Music

Passion of Jaycee68… Enjoy!

To join the fun click Music Passion.


Allaboutlemon hosts the Music passion.

This month, July, is for the birds.

The song I chose, does not have the word “Bird” in it’s title, but in the lyrics.

It’s a Nina Simone song, called, I’m feeling good”

She has always had a soft spot in my heart. Ever since I bought a 7 single of “My baby just cares for me”, wanting it to be the song my husband would open the dance floor with me on our wedding day, and discovering the flipside – “Love me or leave me” This was in 1987. The year after I matriculated. A time of upheavels and mistakes – too many to count. It shaped me in many ways, and Nina Simone was there for most of it.

The wedding song did not happen. That particular baby did not just care for me. In fact he cared for just about everything BUT me…

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Music Passion- Birds

A Beautiful Dove by Phil… Let’s all hear his Music Passion and sit with him on a tropical beach watching the sunset…. 🙂 Enjoy!


To join this Music Fun just click Music Passion and tag along with us!


Random Thoughts

I was so busy last month, I missed out entirely on Dolly’s Music Passion game, whose theme for the month was Flowers.  So here we are in July, and June’s winner, Sarah Potter, selected Birds as its theme.  I see my favorite was already taken by Jaz, who posted Eva Cassidy’s rendition of Songbird – you beat me fair and square to the punch.  Hopefully, I’ve managed to come up with a solid alternative choice.


Rules to play along are simple:

  • Find our theme song
  • Post it in your blog.
  • Tell us something about it.
  • Your post title should be “Music Passion”
  • Always link your post with the Music Passion page.


OK, so my pick for this month’s theme of Birds is an old favorite by Jackson Browne from his album The Pretender, released in 1976.  The song’s title is Linda Paloma, Spanish for Beautiful Dove

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Music Passion- July

A very lovely Music Passion- July Edition by Jaz. Let’s all hear it 🙂 Enjoy!

To join us in this fun click Music Passion 🙂


I love this song. It was originally sang by Christine Mcvie from Fleetwood Mac. Eva Cassidy did this cover of it. Eva died of breast cancer and was an amazingly beautiful person and musician.

Music Passion

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Music Passion- Birds

Let’s all hear Jean’s Music Passion- July Edition- Blackbird… A beautiful Beatles song!

For more info about this fun click:

Music Passion

MoonLightened Way

This is my entry for July’s Music Passion.  Every month, bloggers are posting one of their favorite songs based on each month’s theme.  Thanks to Sarah of Sarahpotterwrites, last month’s most popularly “liked” entry, the theme this month is “birds”.

My choice is “Blackbird” by the Beatles.  I can never tire of the beautifully simple message of this song.

The lyrics:

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

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Music Passion- Birds

Another exciting and awesome theme for the Music Passion- July Edition- BIRDS
by Sarah

Let’s go and tag along with us!

For more info about this fun click:

Music Passion

Sarah Potter Writes

Such a grand honour to be JULY’S MUSIC PASSION TAGGER, and many thanks to adollyciousirony for this opportunity 

My chosen theme is BIRDS.

And my own personal favourite is ‘THE LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR’.

This beautiful Irish Air is sung here by the well-loved Welsh singer, Aled Jones (born 1970), when he was a boy treble. He joined the choir of Bangor Cathedral, aged 9, and became lead soloist within 2 years. Whilst a chorister there, a member of the congregation wrote a letter to a local record company about the wonderful quality of his voice. If you’re interested in reading the rest of the story about his rise to fame, click on his name above.

I fell in love with my chosen song when someone asked me to sing it at their wedding. The bride requested it, as she thought it would make her Irish grandmother…

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Enjoy The Beauty Of Birds

…but in the last photo, this bird enjoyed my beauty as well 🙂

Manila Zoo, Philippines

***  By the time you are viewing this post, I am already admitted for a minor surgery 9 am in my time.
So I will all see you guys next week.  Meantime get busy drinking coffee in my “Coffee, Anyone Page.” and be free to sing, dance and tag along with me in my “Music Passion Page.

Your prayers are very much appreciated.   Have fun and keep on blogging 🙂

Thank You So Much To All Of You!

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