The Winter Of Love With My Love


Winter arrives when the weather changes
It is cold, all of nature itself recoils

And so does all of my painful feeling emerges
This month of winter really all, it annoys

It is when my lid comes aloof
Where I experience my own unresolved pain
Or my very own shadow fear proof
While I’m aware that he himself feel isn’t sane

But this is the time of rest and reflection
A moment needed for relationship restoration

Winter of love is the time for my cell growth
When I look more to myself in retrospect
And where I ask more of his love and respect
Which I understand these things we need both

It’s the time to let my love hibernate in his cave
While in the well I fall to manage my own wave

After this time of rejuvenation and healing
By the dark and freezing winter of love
Naturally I wait for the return of spring
Once again I am blessed with my love.


Spring 1997, Brooklyn, NYC

 Yes the feeling of hope, love, and abundance of possibilities, here
My basis of my inner healing and soul-searching soon would clear
For during my winter trip and adventure with the one I love
Again I’d be able to open my heart to feel with him the spring of love…

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