Toothsome story Game 3

Toothsome Story Game 3


adollyciousirony says:

Nooby was walking with Beauty.

Toothsome Story

Nowan Zen says:

…Beauty crawled into a cup

Coffee Kitteh


 Another Free Mind

is it :)

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I'm Not Lost, Just Weird

…Beauty crawled into a cup

Coffee Kitteh

Toothsome started this and so I’m tagging……. Another Free Mind

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August Delight

This August, I will spend my holiday to Paris. So that would mean we won’t be able to have our favorite regulars for this period:

Art Game

Music Passion

For The Love Of Haiku

But the good news is you can still enjoy your coffee in our regular Cafe Siesta.  I already prepare the coffee fresh and ready to brew so that any time you’d like to drink a cup or two, just go and visit our Cafe.   The fridge is full too.  Just grab anything you fancy from our delightful menu.

We will also revisit 31 of my all time favorite posts.  So you will have them too.  .  .

Plus and the most especial August Delight for you is to have Tooth Of The Day every day for the entire month of August.

Isn’t that right, Toothsome?

Who… me?

Yes. That is right folks.  Toothsome will be with you everyday.

Ya, that’s right. So you all gotta behave yourself! Or…

I don’t actually leave you guys because Toothsome will be with you… hehehe

Yes! I’m here to cheer you up, because
I Love You Guys!!!

I will be keeping in touch… You and I are just a click away… because

You Are Loved!

So feel free to leave me a comment or two and I will find time to get back to all of you.

I love you guys… My hugs and kisses to all of you 🙂

P.S. I will also update you my J.E.S.T. , so check it out to see the places where I visited during my August vacation in Paris.

All About Lemon Is One Lovely Blog Plus You Are Loved!

I received another award courtesy of  Jeff Whelan and it is called One Lovely Blog Award.  This is my 4th to receive this kind of award only it has different image.

To those who just met Jeff now.

Jeff is one of the players in my Art Game.
He is happily married  for almost 16 years now
to Amy of Youthful Yogini, another brilliant Art Game player.
Awesome couple isn’t it?

Jeff is the author  of this book-

Humorous YA Sci Fi Adventure

Feel free to visit Jeff’s space  and see his world :)

And I am telling you.  You’d surely enjoy reading the 7 things he loves most.

Thank you so much Jeff for this award 🙂

Details for my previous award is found here:

One Lovely Blog Award

Which is different from this award because this one has some rules to follow:

– Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

– Share 7 things about yourself… I have my 7 things here.

– Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire.

– Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

I like to nominate 33 of my new fans for this award:


Catalin Istratoiu


 Ron DuBour



 Mark Nguyen








 Books & Art – Spirit & Soul


Dizzy Donkey









 A Nature Mom



 Jim Norwood



I am so honored to nominate my new fans above for

The One Lovely Blog Award.

And All About Lemon Says,

You Are Loved!

And as a token of my gratitude for following All About Lemon,
I made a personal gift to all of my buddies/followers.
My daughter Chlly and I made this gift personally.
There are no rules or obligations
but to just accept this gift and show it off to your Blog that
You Are Loved!

All About Lemon is just a click away…

Every time you’d like to check what’s up in my world,

just click that You Are Loved!

Instruction to grab your gift:

On your widget area,    place the IMAGE widget on your sidebar and  paste “You Are Loved!”  image URL:

and then paste All About Lemon URL Page:

Aside from my new fans above.  I’d also like to honor my buddies from  5 months ago.

Thank you so much for staying with me.

You Are Loved!




 Waleed K. Fareed

 Christine R.


 Ruby Shoesday

 Nature Turning Against Mankind



 Medical Tourism China



 Kevin and Nicole Photography

 Brian Westbye



 Victor Tribunsky

 mj monaghan




 Jamie Dedes





 Erica Lynn Sosney





 Thoughts Of Life Experience

To all of you my blogger- fans and friends,

You Are Loved!

Be Happy Everyone and Enjoy

just because

You Are Loved!

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