The Hollywood Tower Hotel- Disneyland Paris

This is one of the scariest rides that you would want to do it over and over again LOL

It won the best attraction of all the rides here at Disney World Paris.

I like it and I had so much fun…  It’s full of surprises.  You wouldn’t know what’s coming up next.

Either you’d fall down or backward or sideways or go up… Whew! It’s hard to describe.

Better try yourself and it’s really so cool 🙂

And here are some shots I took inside the tower…

That is the elevator where you get disappear and experience the twilight zone … hahaha




Art Game W29- Disney Paris Updates!

Welcome to

Art Game Week 29 Disneyland Paris


Despicable me! Gru brought his kids with him to play Superdad…  Cool! Would you believe him?

Thoughts Of My Brain

And here flew by the Angry Birds Clan to have some fun 🙂 Awesome, isn’t it?



But wait!  I see all Meme Face and they are all over the place!  Wow, amazing 🙂


Yike!  A hungry crocodile on the loose!  Watch out everyone!

Jeff Whelan

And guess who drops in now?  Huge! Is that Dr. Who?


Okay guys… it’s your turn to add your images.  This is fun! Come and join us 🙂

Art game continues…. to Tuesday 12pm (GMT) and then a new image will be post on Wednesday and so on.

This is fun… Come and join us!

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