Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs At Art Game’s Walt Disney



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Art game continues…. to Tuesday 12pm (GMT) and then a new image will be post on Wednesday and so on.

This is fun… Come and join us!


Thomas Outt

for this week Art Game image.

I invite everyone to pay him a visit and check his world :)


Hatchi: A Dog’s Tale

After reading Phil’s


Farewell My Faithful Companion

I am inspired to post this movie trailer: Hatchi.

In memory of Phil’s bestfriend,


This is the MOST heartbreaking film of all time. It is about a a college professor who takes in a dog he finds abandoned, and both find their lives changed forever as they form an unbreakable bond. Based on the true story of Hachiko, an Akita dog in 1920s Japan remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his master.



Watch the movie, and this story will take you…

No More Scary Movie For Me…

Unless it is a comedy scary movie, I would still watch…

Tales from the Grudge

When I was in my teens I love to watch all horror movies. I shopped around the movie houses which was the scariest or sometimes me and my siblings would just rent all scary films from a video house and then watch them all day! Gross! Until I watched the Film, “The Living Dead”…I thought that was the scariest movie I have ever watched…there was a non-stop screaming until the end of the movie, I found myself still shocked and speechless afterwards so that I told myself, “No more scary movie for me”, unless it is a funny scary movie I would, like the movie, “Scream”… hahaha

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