It’s Christmas And I’m Coming Home



A must to be captivating and turbo-charged holiday in the making!

Wanted: Reindeer, must fly

1. Get ready to fly for the holiday.

2. Enjoy my 8 days before Christmas Eve in Paris.

3. Have fun on Christmas day to New Year’s Eve in Philippines.

4. Get ready to fly back for work.

HAVE A GREAT YEAR 2012 ! ! !

Until then… Keep blogging…


Websites IOU

My website is my love bytes on air

love at first byte

T’is the Age of Computer World
So I live on with all these Webs-
YOU TUBE here, GOOGLES there…
Luckyily I found this PLINKY world
and TWIT my co-BLOGGERS every where…

Either I like and follow each one’s blog
or meet each one on my Facebook’s page
Each of us have something to share, or brag
I’d learn or be inspired…T’is computer age
around the globe I’d get connected throughout
via those websites i mentioned above
You bet, I would hate or miss to live without…

🙂 Have fun and enjoy surfing the net!

This is just another Plinky prompt 🙂

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You bet I’m at MY BEST when I’m over-the-moon kind of feeling…

And when I’m over the moon…  I’d treat myself with a complete French Meal!!!

I begin with my choices of “Starters” or Appetizers

Le Rustique cheese fondue

Any kinds of “Salads”, but I prefer a Vegetable Salad like this one that I usually make by myself with my own choice of vegetables like carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, green & red bell peppers garnished with ring onions, dried rosemary or persil leaves, olive oils,  and lemons.  I like to dress my salad with 99% fat free Kraft Thousand Island dressing or just with a plain vinegar, olive oil and a pinch of rock salt  dressing.  Classic! This salad will be perfect to continue with any kind of a main dish I would prefer on that special day when I am at my BEST.

Mixed Vegetable Salad

Of course! French Wine!  Unfortunately, I don’t have it here in Jeddah, but you bet this is what I usually have when I spend my holidays in France.

Lots of It!!! Hahaha

Sancerre Wines are the best, they come from Sancerre, Center France

Sancerre… Tasting the Real France, Summer 2011

The  “main course”

Rack of Lamb with Vegetable... My chef husband just loves to prepare this meal for me... mmm really delicious!

AND My favorite dessert!

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream... I took this photo just one week ago at the Mug & Bean Restaurant in Jeddah

And always say “Cheese!!!”

I love cheese!!!  We have all of these kind of cheeses available in France.  6 Kinds of cheeses Phil & Vicky prepared for us when we had our dinner to their place in the suburbs part of Paris at Nogent sur Marne before the Fireworks.

Fireworks, July 14, 2011 French Revolution Day

 Champagne in between…

And I wouldn’t be satisfied without a hot cup of coffee after a heavy meal…

Yes! I am over the moon when everything around my own universe just goes smoothly right to its course. It’s when my goal and all the things I wish to accomplish would just flow to where I want them and so naturally I would breath-in Joy, Peace, Smile, Love, Wealth, Health, and Happiness. All these eureka become the powerful energy that I would take in. This energy builds inside me brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger creating an aura that surrounds me with protection, self confidence, beauty, true joy and at my Best in all ways at all times.

I bloom and glow like this beautiful orchids…
It said,”Would you take a photo of me? S’il vous plaît? So I did.  It looks gorgeous isn’t it?

And so when I am at my best, I am over the moon to treat myself with a complete French Meal, from a starter to dessert and cheese. Just Perfect!

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